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Choosing the right metal mesh
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Square expanded metal meshes range

Square expanded metal meshes have openings with a Long Diagonal (DL) and Short Diagonal (DC) of very similar dimensions, which is why they have the 'square' geometrical shape from which their name derives. In the 'flattened' version, the final thickness of the stretched mesh is the same as that of the starting material. 

As many as 11 types of flattened carbon steel square mesh are available, starting with the 16 mm DL mesh in 1.5 mm thickness, up to the 120 mm DL mesh in 4 mm thickness.

Square expanded metal meshes catalogue extract

The weights indicated are theoretical. Other materials can be used on request and for certain types. In the FILS general catalogue section you will find all information on square expanded metal mesh and the formats in which it is available: rolls and/or sheets. It is also possible to order these expanded metal meshes in coils or pieces cut to size.