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Expanded metal standard mesh
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Standard Metal Meshes

Fils offers standard expanded metal in 3 geometries: square, diamond and hexagonal meshes. They are intended for multiple uses, e.g. for metal constructions, carpentry works, walkways and protections. Each section allows you to filter materials, formats and thicknesses. The carbon steel expanded metal has a high mechanical resistance and can be hot-dip galvanised or painted for optimum durability. Customisation of dimensions is always possible. For more information, contact our experts to find out more.

How expanded metal is produced

Expanded metal mesh is obtained by engraving and cold pressing the raw material into rolls or sheets. The stretching machines are designed in-house and are continuously optimised to achieve better aesthetic quality of the semi-finished product and maximum flexibility in the production of customised meshes. 

The shape of the knives that cut the solid sheet determines the shape and width of the expanded metal mesh. The semi-finished product has a strong, seamless structure. 


Flattening consists of passing the expanded metal mesh semi-finished product through an operating machine called a calender that is regulated to 'flatten', i.e. to flatten the final thickness of the expanded metal mesh to the same thickness as the starting raw material.