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Fils qualità della lamiera stirata


With more than 10 years of ISO 9000 certification and constant attention to updating its products to meet specific standards in various sectors, Fils guarantees you the service and peace of mind you’re looking for.

Certified since 1995

Aware of the importance of quality, Fils encourages suggestions and supports all efforts leading to continual improvements to ensure total quality. Each resource constructively work as part of the overall organisation and in accordance with the virtuous processes established by its ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, first introduced in 1995.


Quality vendors

All our raw materials suppliers are subject to constant qualification, with monitoring of their special processes and finishes. As a result Fils is an international leader in the field of expanded mesh.

Accurate lab tests

A well-equipped in-house lab performs all necessary tests to confirm product reliability. Our staff are happy to provide detailed reports, drawing on its knowledge of a vast range of uses and technical characteristics.

In-house processes

The construction and upkeep of our production machinery and equipment are key to our success and so are performed 100% in-house. This ensures that our entire production process is easily adaptable, for strategic flexibility throughout the company. Fils has streamlined, transparent operational structures, all imbued by a work culture that analyses any errors, promptly deals with these and takes every measure to avoid further problems.

Accident prevention and safety

Fils constantly pays special attention to safety issues, adopting precise cutting-edge technology and means to meet accident prevention requirements and to minimise the environmental impact of its products. All staff are made aware of the correct conduct expected of them thanks to regular training and bulletins.