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Expanded metal parapet
Safety First

Parapets / Railings

Fils parapets guarantee maximum safety. They are come with the expanded metal mesh from the PROTECH and STILTECH lines and can also be made with other meshes, according to project requirements. Various modular and made-to-measure solutions with an interesting and always new visual impact are available. Small or large, no matter the size, parapets are important details in architectural design.

The design for balconies and terraces. To extend space and harmonise indoors and outdoors.

More and more we want to experience the outdoors and protect our environment with the functionality of a sturdy expanded metal railing. We can choose the desired privacy or frame a beautiful view with an open mesh. With expanded metal mesh you can, indeed it is that easy. We can choose the desired effects and transparency in harmony with the design.

Expanded metal for protection, enhancement, delimitation

Parapets are important elements for protection against falling, which is why they must be constructed according to strict design criteria and must comply with the loads specified in the relevant standards. They are suitable for residential, commercial, industrial and office use. They are generally made of expanded aluminium sheet panels with carbon steel uprights and handrails.