Expanded metal mesh for architecture, industry and metalwork fabrication Clad and Protect

Fils is an internationally recognized company that has been operating for years in the production of Expanded Metal Mesh and in the recent years  we also have been operating in the UK. Our offer include a broad range of products, services and solutions for the construction industry, metalwork fabrication and architecture.

Fils belong to the L HOLDING Group, set up in 1948, promoting their values ​​such as quality and reliability.

The possibility of choosing Fils' expanded metal mesh is always growing, day after day, with innovative and stylish ideas. Each section of the "Products" category provides technical characteristics and examples of where these products have been used. Among the most requested models on the market of expanded mesh you can find squared meshes, diamond meshes and hexagonal ones.

Fils is committed to offering the best service by working side by side with professionals to always guarantee the ideal solution.

We follow you throughout the journey, from the choice of expanded metal sheets, to their installation, always guiding you with advice on projects according to the regulations.

We advice you on the choice of the expanded metal dimensions, colors and prices.