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Expanded metal mesh for architecture
Creative lines. Sustainable materials.

Architectural Meshes

Fils has evolved the use of expanded metal in architectural applications and building design by producing materials specifically for designers. The assortment of metal meshes in the PROTECH Line and the STILTECH Line allows for better design from both an aesthetic and functional point of view: for example, it is possible to choose the optimal transparency for the desired solar control. Modular claddings with dimensions tailored to the project can be realised for maximum cost rationalisation.

The opening of the mesh

The value that defines the openness of the expanded metal mesh is the void over full face expressed as a percentage (v/p %). In the article 'The functional transparency of expanded metal' (link), four examples of meshes with very different values of frontal v/p are exemplified:

  • Very open meshes: high frontal aperture -> transparency
  • Semi-open meshes: medium frontal aperture -> good visibility
  • Semi-closed meshes: see-through effect -> ideal for masking
  • Very closed meshes: opaque effect -> maximum discretion

The shape of the knives cutting through the solid sheet determines the shape and width of the expanded metal mesh. The semi-finished product has a strong, seamless structure. See examples in the article.

Taylormade Façades. The advantages of Fils consulting.

The ability to offer tailored products is one of Fils’ strong points. Our production departments can produce architectural products with customised dimensions, shapes, finishes and fixing systems. This makes life easier for architects and designers, as well as optimising the costs.