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La sostenibilità come valore Fils
People, the environment and values


Fils has a truly 'green' policy that goes beyond mere intentions and declarations: its production processes and the materials it uses all have a low environmental impact.
As part of the L HOLDING Group it abides by strict policies on energy saving and respect for the environment. These 'virtuous' aspects, now known as 'ESG criteria' (Environment, Social and Governance) are deeply rooted in the company's history and managerial behaviour.


Respect for the environment means looking to the future.

Intent on guaranteeing true sustainability, Fils takes concrete action:

Clean energy: 95% of its energy requirements for the manufacture of Fils products comes from the photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of its production sites. Fils aims to become 100% solar powered.

Pollution-free process: “Expanding” is a cold-pressing process that does not require the use of pollutants.

Zero-scrap processing: Expanded mesh is produced without creating scrap, thus optimising the use of raw materials.

Recyclable: At the end of its long working life, expanded mesh can be sent to proper disposal centres and so be fully recycled.

Labelling: Packaging recycling schemes actively contribute to protecting the environment. See your local council's regulations regarding which materials can be recycled and how to do this.


As part of its vision, Fils also takes care of its human resources. Fully supportive of its staff, it develops their potential and incorporates diversity, equity and inclusivity.

Fils promotes a safe, stable work environment to help its employees develop their passions, energy and skills, and thus their economic security.

Corporate responsibility
All production personnel are fully protected by the European Union work safety laws.

A safe, stable work environment
Fils offers its employees medical check-ups and has a company doctor on hand should the need arise.

Structures for well-being and socialisation
Fils employees can make use of sports facilities such as gyms and football pitches: the perfect occasion for socialisation, team-building and psychological well-being.


The Code of Ethics and its values forms one of the company's tools for social responsibility by encouraging best practices and good conduct. It acts as a benchmark and guide for all who work at Fils and those wishing to further its mission.

All recipients inside and outside the company are made aware of the values inherent in the Code of Ethics and the code of conduct needed to ensure its proper implementation:

  • Respect for the law
  • Respect for others
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Environmental protection
  • Corporate management
  • Accounting integrity and transparency
  • Anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and anti-corruption