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I valori Fils
An expert in its field for over 75 years

About us

With its wealth of manufacturing experience and innovative spirit, Fils has also built up an international reputation for all manner of services linked to expanded metal. Fils is a sound, modern, truly dependable company. Flexible enough to satisfy any need. Need just a few items or a big production run? Fils can do it.

Our history

It all started in 1955, when Giuseppe Longhi set up the company, specialising in the production of expanded metal mesh and gratings for use in the construction industry. Over the years Fils has launched many significant new finished products, such as its stair-treads, fencing and cladding panels for façades. Its strong innovative spirit means Fils never stops, always striving to stay ahead of the market by introducing new items, such as its Ultra Limites line of expanded mesh and the Methodo parapets.

In 2005 the showroom was completed revamped. This is where we display life-size examples (1000x2000 mm) so our customers can see for themselves the various effects of transparency and 3D offered by expanded metal.

Why choose Fils?

Fils offers design engineers guaranteed safety and reliability, thanks to its great professionalism and flexibility, satisfying their frequent needs for tailored solutions. Products that are developed in close collaboration with the customer, to meet specific needs, from the basic concept to the final installation.

Many projects involving Fils expanded mesh projects have won awards and received important recognition, the result of working with prestigious architects and embracing novel ideas from emerging design engineers.

Fils invests continuously in upgrading its technology, plant and machinery, meaning it can guarantee immense flexibility in production.

Our services

Customer satisfaction for Fils means much more than just guaranteeing product quality and a wide range.

Fils also offers valuable services alongside the products in its catalogue.

  • Guaranteed fast procurement, thanks to a wide assortment of products held on stock.  For instance, over 400 items in the Protech line of expanded metal are held in stock, as are more than 500 perforated sheet-metal items.
  • Tailor-made solutions to make life easier. Fils is happy to produce expanded mesh sheets and panels in any size and shape. It also offers complementary processes, such as surface finishes and the application of fitting and installation accessories.
  • Information on current standards and regulations, together with the specific configuration of products to suit their intended use. For example, Fils stair-treads and landings are certified as complying with NTC 2018 (building standards) load requirements and have excellent non-slip properties.
  • Support during the design process: configuration of the most suitable mesh, juxtaposition studies and optimised fittings.
  • Fils guarantees the final colours and life of its products thanks to close collaboration with its partners specialising in protective finishes such as galvanising, paint treatment and anodising.

The Group

Fils and Italfim are part of the L HOLDING Group. This well-established concern focuses on innovation, automation and respect for the environment.

L HOLDING guarantees an ethical approach at the heart of its every activity. See Sustainability page.