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Linea Ultra Limites for Architecture
Exclusive line of expanded mesh. 3D effect.


Final thickness: 52.00 mm
Open Area: 59.00 %
Open Area MAX: 83 %

Luna 400

Final thickness: 41.00 mm
Open Area: 27.50 %


Final thickness: 53.00 mm
Open Area: 63.00 %
Open Area MAX: 84 %

EF 400

Final thickness: 72.00 mm
Open Area: 22.00 %

EF 400/1

Final thickness: 76.00 mm
Open Area: 17.00 %

Opera 400

Final thickness: 60.00 mm
Open Area: 5.50 %

Ellisse 400

Final thickness: 75.00 mm
Open Area: 6.50 %
Open Area MAX: 72 %

Arena 600

Final thickness: 75.00 mm
Open Area: 9.00 %

Alexa 800

Final thickness: 72.00 mm
Open Area: 11.00 %
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An exclusive choice with Fils expanded metal mesh from the ULTRA LIMITES line. The exclusive 'MISURAROSSA' models: ARENA 600 and ALEXA 800 have a strand width of 600 mm and 800 mm, never before seen in expanded metal.

The tables list the technical characteristics of each mesh: the materials available, the thicknesses and the standard sheet dimensions. Tailored sizes can be made to order. Internal and external paint treatment and anodising available on request.