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Exclusive line of expanded mesh. 3D effect.


Final thickness: 52.00 mm
Open Area: 59.00 %
Open Area MAX: 83 %

Luna 400

Final thickness: 41.00 mm
Open Area: 27.50 %


Final thickness: 53.00 mm
Open Area: 63.00 %
Open Area MAX: 84 %

EF 400

Final thickness: 72.00 mm
Open Area: 22.00 %

EF 400/1

Final thickness: 76.00 mm
Open Area: 17.00 %

Opera 400

Final thickness: 60.00 mm
Open Area: 5.50 %

Ellisse 400

Final thickness: 75.00 mm
Open Area: 6.50 %
Open Area MAX: 72 %

Arena 600

Final thickness: 75.00 mm
Open Area: 9.00 %

Alexa 800

Final thickness: 72.00 mm
Open Area: 11.00 %
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The ULTRA LIMITES line is an exclusive line of expanded mesh  with a UNIQUE AND INTRIGUING AESTHETICS. The greater eyelet pitch enhances the mesh texture when viewing from a distance, with transparency effects combining with light reflection. The endless color options are ideal to strengthen the material brightness with its 3D engaging shape.

Available in aluminium and carbon steel. The tables provide the technical details of each mesh and the standard sheet sizes.