Expanded metal product range

Product range: more than 30,000 different types of expanded metal mesh

The broader the product range, the easier it is to choose the right product. L HOLDING is Europe's greatest specialist in expanded mesh, offering up to 30,000 different variants, with mesh apertures that range from 0.50 mm to 400 mm and anything up to 6 mm thick. Fils uses its manufacturing know-how for the benefit of design engineers, metalworkers and industry.

Minimum module

The Fils range starts with a minimum 10 mm module with Type 6610 and Type 6615 diamond mesh. This size and shape of expanded mesh can be used in many applications, including aesthetic protection. Italfim, another member of the L HOLDING Group to which Fils belongs, also produces expanded mesh starting with a minimum 0.50 mm module. This is generally used for specific industrial applications (air filtering and liquid treatment).

Maximum module - Ultra Limites mesh

Great visual impact with a choice of 7 meshes featuring a long way DL module, from 350 mm to 400 mm. The large mesh module enhances the texture, even when seen from a distance, creating a combination of transparency and reflection effects. The ULTRA LIMITES meshes are also the perfect choice when you want to highlight the colour and brightness of the material when used for sinuous 3D forms. See their actual size now: EF/400, EF400/1, ELLISSE 400, ITALY 400, LUNA 400, MERIDIANA, OPERA 400. Get a quote.

Mesh made to order

Fils also specialises in the production of tailored expanded mesh. Thanks to its technology, Fils can produce large mesh (DL module) to order. For the Katowize International Congress Center ("ICC") it created a special mesh with a module measuring 273 mm DL (long way) and 44 mm DC (short way). See the "ICC" project.