Metal mesh regulation advisory

Advice on laws and standards concerning Fils products

Fils finished products in expanded metal comply with all the regulations in force in each area of use.

Here you can download the brochures concerning the technical standards for buildings (NTC 2018), those concerning anti-slip behavior (DIN 51130), the rules on the degrees of protection of the casings of electrical equipment (IEC EN 60529 - IP code) and, finally, those relating to the protection of gates and openings in movement (UNI EN 12604).


These publications are an aid for the correct choice of the product.

NTC2018 Technical Building Standards

These Technical Building Standards approved by the Italian Ministry for Infrastructure establish the working load capacity expected of structures for each type of load and application. For example, Table 3.1.II shows the working loads for walkways.

NTC2018 brochure

DIN 51130 - Slip resistance

German norm DIN 51130 tests floors at 5 different angles to assess their slip resistance; this is graded according to the angle at which a foot starts to slip on the material in question. A material is deemed to have a low coefficient of friction when feet start slipping when the test ramp is set at a small angle. Fils grating guarantees excellent non-slip results, after DIN 51130 testing.

Non-slip brochure

IEC EN 60529 - IP code

International norm IEC EN 60529 classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by enclosures for electrical devices.


The structure of the IP code indicates the degree of protection as follows:

- Degree of protection against access to hazardous parts within the enclosure

- Degree of protection against access solid foreign objects penetrating the enclosure

- Degree of protection against ingress of water within the enclosure

 Expanded mesh that comply with:

IP 10: SQ80 DL 80 x DC 56 - av 6,2 x sp 3 mm

IP 20: Q20 DL 20 x DC 13 - av 1,5 x sp 1,5 mm

IP 30: Q5 DL 5,0 x DC 4,0 - av 0,8 x sp 0,8 mm

IP 40: E4 DL 4,0 x DC 3,0 - av 0,65 x sp 0,80 mm

IP protection brochure

UNI EN 12604

UNI EN 12604 concerns the protection of moving gates and doors. "Safe" mesh responds to the resulting need to guarantee the safety of automated gates and doors. The aperture of this mesh meets the highest requirements of this norm.

UNI EN 12604 brochure