Alfa grills in expanded metal Fils

ALFA grills


They are available in 2000 mm length. To ensure the necessary rigidity and strength, they have a limited width of 250/300 mm. See Table 3.I.II on page 29 of the Reference text.


Meshes used

They are made in two types of mesh according to the opening needs of the mesh. The model with the Fils 21 mesh has a smaller opening and a maximum anti-slip coefficient, The model with the R 43 mesh is more open and with good anti-slip behavior. See all the characteristics of the gratings.

ALFA grills

Tipo MagliaControtelaioDLDCHACC weight kg/cadPeso ACZ kg/cadPortata ripartiti kg/m²Portata concentrati kg/m²
Fils 21 sp. 2,5250200040/12.5051122
Fils 21 sp. 2,5300200040/14.0051122
Tipo 43 sp. 2,5250200040/8.0051122
Tipo 43 sp. 2,5300200040/9.0051122