Projects and finished products

Finished Products

In this section you can see some of the finished products and projects made by Fils. Expanded metal is a material that is very robust and at the same time very workable. You can: cut to size, bend, bend, galvanize and paint. Edges or profiles of different shapes can be welded. Brackets and plates can be welded for fixing to substructures or uprights. 

Our finished products in expanded metal

In particular, Fils offers standard products for both safe walkways and vertical walls that guarantee quality and durability over time.  

The walkways in expanded metal

In addition to the steps and landings, this section also describes:

  • grating for walkways equipped with their own support frames
  • quality doormats, galvanized, efficient and durable
  • manhole covers and drains for the outflow of water
  • 'Alfa' grating for plant maintenance walkways  

Vertical surfaces

Expanded metal can be used for innovative and pleasant fences, both in carbon steel and in aluminum. Three mounting systems are available:

  • Basic system
  • Compact system
  • Quick system  

The innovative green façade is interesting, the Marinelli System described in the dedicated section, designed by the architect Sergio Marinelli with the aim of allowing people to be closer to nature.

This vertical green is made with ELLISSE400 expanded metal, from the Ultra Limites series, an exclusive mesh with a three-dimensional shape that inspired the housing of the soil where the roots of the plants grow. The choice of plant species is suggested according to the climatic zone and personal taste.