expanded metal for protection

Expanded metal & Protection

Expanded metal mesh is an intrinsically strong material, ideal for all types of protection like stairwells, parking facilities, utility rooms, fencing, parapets and perfect for different environments: from the protection of the home to that of large industries with large machinery.

The expanded mesh is a material able to protect in an excellent way with simple but very effective solutions.

There are more than 10 reasons why you should consider expanded metal mesh for your protection; for example the aperture of the expanded metal mesh lets you monitor the protected area at will and, also, you can have good levels of aeration.

Protections in expanded metal are strong and durable; innovative because you have to keep up with the times and understand when it is necessary to renew and not to remain anchored to old and expensive techniques; in fact, expanded metal is low cost and during the production process the material is never wasted.

We are talking about a material that has an aesthetic rendering of the highest level and that is in fact used for entire cladding of facades of important buildings that thanks to the colours and shapes available acquire a completely new design.

The advantages of expanded metal are really many... if you are willing to know them and enjoy them, just contact and explain to us your project.