Expanded metal for metalwork fabrication

Metalwork Fabrication

With over 70 years of experience behind it, today Fils can boast a series of strengths in the construction and metalwork fabrication sectors such as: 1) wide variety of models and materials used, 2) Availability in stock, 3) customization, 4) the safety of the expanded metal mesh.

All the possibilities of our metalwork fabrication


1) Wide variety of models and materials used

The choice can be based on aesthetic or functional factors such as the opening of the mesh that can regulate the passage of air or filter the solar radiation.

For applications that require very high resistance, we recommend expanded carbon steel meshes, a very hard and resistant material. The thicknesses available, from 1.5 to 3-4 mm, allow a dimensioning consistent with the design requirements.

For architectural coatings, aluminum is now the most suitable material thanks to its workability and lightness.


2) Availability in stock

Fils has a stock of sheets and rolls of expanded metal that can be shipped to the customer on the day of the order.

The Protech mesh stock, for example, contains the meshes of this type both in carbon steel, in sendzimir carbon steel and aluminum in the three main thicknesses: 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 mm and in the three main formats : 1000x2000, 1250x2500, 1500x3000 mm.


3) Customization of expanded metal mesh panels

Yes, our customers' requests are studied and resolved to simplify the workshop work and satisfy the needs of the customers.

Ready-made expanded mesh panels are produced, in the required dimensions and already edged and painted for parapets and fencing and dividing walls. Exactly as the customer requires.


4) The safety of the expanded metal mesh

As for all our products, also for the steps and landings in expanded metal gratings, we help customers make the most appropriate choice in relation to their needs.

For all our work we issue certifications relating to the flow rates, essential in order not to incur any type of legal problem.