example of industrial protection in expanded metal

Utility protection

If you work in an industrial plant you know that the safety of people comes first.

Unfortunately, we still hear too often about tragedies in the workplace resulting from the lack of adequate safety measures, which could result in deaths that could be avoided in the vast majority of cases.

In addition, since it has become increasingly common to work closely with machines, there are a number of laws and regulations which must be followed scrupulously and carefully.

Therefore, all machinery with moving parts must be protected to preserve the safety of those involved in the work.

Plants must also be protected against unauthorised access or materials that could compromise their efficiency.

At Fils, to do this we use expanded metal to create protections for machinery and employees.

Expanded metal is the perfect material for this type of use because it is strong and durable over time; light but at the same time resistant to the typical properties of metal; very beautiful aesthetically thanks to the variety of shapes and colours achievable; is economically advantageous compared to other materials.

If you want to know more about it and if you need help to choose the right “grill” for your project, just contact our expert and let the real professionals advise you.