removable partition in expanded metal

Dividers in metal mesh: the best solution to protect your work spaces

Are you looking for a way to separate work environments correctly and safely?

Modular dividers in expanded metal, of the length and size you want, are the right choice.

With modular dividers you can fence off and protect work stations or storage areas in industrial sites.

Dividers are the perfect solution for production sites or warehouses.

The screening provided by the expanded metal mesh offers good visibility: extremely important for efficiency and safety. Can be used both indoors and outdoors, fixed or moveable, to suit your specific needs.

The partitions, in addition to ensuring physical security against certain hazards that vary depending on where they are located and the context in which they are located, have a positive psychological effect on workers because they allow them to concentrate and feel separated from all that surrounds them (although we are talking about perforated dividers but the effect is positive).

Especially now that, after the pandemic, we are trying to return to normality in working environments, we must create well-separated spaces, with good ventilation and that ensure the safety of employees under every possible front.

As you can see in the pictures below, we have created dividers for airports, industries and showrooms with truly exceptional results and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Pictures of some of our dividers in expanded metal