Expanded metal for industrial production departments


In industrial production departments it is important and necessary that staff and equipment work in a safe working environment.

This is possible thanks to Fils products that respond to different needs for personnel accident prevention, machine protection and even division of work areas.

1) The transparency of the metal mesh

The possibility of choosing which opening the expanded metal mesh must have, allows to protect and at the same time monitor the moving parts of the production machinery.

2) The resistance of the expanded metal mesh

Protective barriers made of expanded metal, of the necessary size, can be partitions but also protective barriers for machinery with moving parts.

These dividers in expanded metal mesh protect operators and isolate them from shocks. The machines are in turn protected from accidental intrusion by external material.

3) The non-slip gratings

For walkways, even in oily environments, it is essential that the anti-slip gratings reach very high levels of protection and, above all, comply with regulations.

The Fils 21 is the grating with the maximum anti-slip coefficient with a result of R13 which indicates an excellent degree of adhesion according to the current DIN 51130 standard.