expanded metal sunshades

Sun shades

It is well known that large buildings consume a great deal of energy to cool and heat the rooms inside to make them comfortable at different times of the year.

To reduce energy consumption, Fils has designed sunshade structures to ensure maximum efficiency and well-being.

Wellness and energy efficiency are possible when you control the amount of sunlight entering a building. Expanded metal mesh is a unique material that is both transparent and yet capable of providing shade all at the same time thanks to its particular three-dimensional conformation.

To know more about expanded metal read the dedicated article here.

Intelligent shade” of the expanded metal limits the passage of heat and reduces the need for air-conditioning in the warmer months.

Advantages of sun shades

The advantages of sunshades can be of an economic, environmental and aesthetic nature.

Starting from the economic benefits we find:

  • the ability to control the entry of sunlight reduces the use of thermal systems and consequently the cost and maintenance
  • the building characterized by the sunshade has a greater patrimonial value than the other classical buildings
  • a super resistant and durable cover for many years
  • productive and satisfied employees thanks to the healthy and comfortable atmosphere that you breathe and a magnificent view outside


And what about the environmental advantages?

  • first, expanded metal is a 100% recyclable material
  • use less thermal plants is equivalent to pollute less and this has a huge positive impact on our environment
  • in addition, the entry of natural light reduces light pollution (which is the cause of many problems we have on our planet today) and allows you to avoid energy waste (why keep the lights on when not needed??)


Finally, the aesthetic benefits are:

  • a building with a great visual impact that differs from all other buildings
  • the possibility to get a fantastic play of light and shadow both day and night thanks to the total customization of the expanded metal in terms of shape, colour and transparency


Our main sun shades achievements

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