parapets in expanded metal


Did you know that the word “parapet” derives from the Italian word “parapetto” which means a permanent barrier that protects a certain space along its entire perimeter and is usually few feet high? Interesting, huh?

Parapets were originally used to defend fortified structures from military attack and, although today we must not have to defend ourselves from military attacks, the parapets are still used to defend our property from other types of attacks.

Just to give an example: parapets can prevent a fire from spreading by doing devastating damage thus acting as a barrier.

Expanded metal parapets are one of the best solutions thanks to all the properties of that product and if you are interested you can find here a more in-depth: “Expanded metal: what is and how is made”

Parapets and safety: a perfect combination

Investing in safety is always a good idea.

Whether it is a question of securing one’s home, workplace or any other public building, the question of security must be addressed in the broadest and most precise way possible.

Fils parapets in expanded metal are the perfect solutions if you want to protect and harmonise your living/work spaces. It’s a simple solutions but never dull and Fils offers you the chance to creating an original and interesting feature.

The possibility to choose the shape, the colours and the size of the holes that allow or not a certain view, allows you to have a product made practically ad hoc and tailored to you and your needs.

Our main parapets achievements

As you can see from the projects we have realized below, you can choose different types of metal mesh (black, white, paved, rectangular, diamonds, square and so on).

To know more about types of mesh, prices and other informations, click here to keep in touch with us directly and we will talk about the project you have in mind to achieve.