Fitting out in expanded metal


If you want to recreate a particular game of lights, an impactful visual effect and something never seen before, the set-up in expanded metal is exactly what you are looking for.

Whether it be stands and store windows, or even backdrops, furnishing, large structures, out-fittings in expanded metal are able to communicate and promote any type of product (from perfume to machine - for example, the equipment designed to promote the new car models of the Mercedes Benz (look here a photo gallery), using one of the top mesh of the Protech Line), from a showroom (the Knoll Showroom is an example) to a disco - in a different and unique way.

Thanks to the versatility of the product, it is possible to obtain any shape of expanded metal sheet by designing solutions tailored to the situation.

To choose the metal mesh that best suits your project and the price to realize it, we advise you to contact us.

Our main out-fitting projects

We have made a lot of expanded metal fittings in Italy and also around Europe and these are just some of our projects: