false ceiling in expanded metal mesh

False ceilings

What we mean for false ceiling?

A false ceiling, also called suspended ceiling or dropped ceiling, means a metal grid supporting light panels which in turn may be of different materials including plastic, metal, mineral fiber, tin, hardwood and so on.

Expanded metal ceilings are usually installed in buildings such as offices and commercial premises, but their use in the home is also starting to catch on.

The expanded metal ceilings of Fils are famous for combining functionality and aesthetics in a totally new way. The architects with whom we collaborated greatly appreciated the versatility of our product (If you are interested about expanded metal click here).

Thanks to the customisation of our metal mesh in terms of pattern, specifications and finish, you can get the result you want without any problem and without waste, offering you completely tailored solutions for your projects.

The use of false ceilings in architecture

If you are looking for a mesh ceiling with great visual impact thanks to 3d effects of our mesh and easily adaptable to any architectural style, a suspended ceiling is the ideal solution. Thanks to this structure, lighting fixtures can be accomodated and utility plant hidden.

Advantages of false ceilings in architecture

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, expanded mesh ceilings are functional for other reasons such as:

  • stainless steel suspended ceilings are fire resistant
  • thanks to the gap that the ceiling systems create between itself and the main ceiling it’s possible to hide conceal ducts, pipes, cables and wiring
  • metal mesh ceilings tiles can be easily removed for maintenance purposes
  • thanks to the flexibility of the product, it is possible to study the best solution to reach the optimal level of lighting
  • ceiling panels in expanded mesh produce excellent insulation which in turn helps to reduce the costs of heating and cooling systems
  • finally, ceilings expanded mesh effectively absorb sound reducing the noise in the rooms.


If you want an expanded metal ceiling is important to turn to specialized companies to ensure that the installation is carried out correctly (and in general this is important for any ceiling).

If you are interested in knowing more about the price of metal ceilings contact our experts

Our best projects of false ceilings

Here is a roundup of our works made around Europe.