facades in expanded metal mesh


Every building has its special character. The soft, elegant forms possible with expanded metal mesh are guaranteed not to enclose the building in a stiff shell.

Transparency and shafts of light produce unexpected, attractive décor. The choice of colour – whether conventional or daring – stresses the visual effect, guaranteeing at the same time protection of the metallic façade and the outer walls. Expanded metal mesh can also be bordered, curved and folded to create just the look and shape you want.

The use of expanded metal to create beautiful facades

Metal mesh facades are widely used in architecture covering entire buildings such as shopping centers (like the Shopping One), museums, theatres, conference centre, exhibition halls and so on.

The expanded metal is one of the most requested materials in this field not only because of its properties but also because of the possibility of to customize it to the maximum in terms of colours and shapes thus becoming a choice not only functional but also decorative.

One of the main reasons that lead to the choice of “perforated sheet” to cover the facades has to do with the sustainability strongly desired by many designers.

Why are metal facades sustainable and have a positive impact on the environment?

It’s easy.

  • reduction of energy consumption for cooling energy
  • metal mesh holes optimally regulate natural airflow and ventilation by controlling solar heat and glare
  • expanded metal is 100% recyclable


Range of colours and shapes for facades

The wide range of colours and shapes of the expanded metal meshes used from architects and professionals who collaborate with us confirms the endless possibilities.

In the following video you can admire the Protech Line collection used for our architectural projects and, as you can see, you will find red, black, yellow, green expanded metal mesh of different shapes and with different openings according to the needs.

How much does a metal facade cost?

The factors that influence the price are different: starting from the size of the building, the type of mesh, the number of customizations requested by the customer, the cost can vary a lot.

For this reason, we invite you to contact us to explain your project and study together the ideal solution based on the available budget.

Our main facade achievements

And here are our projects made around Europe: